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"A Diligent, Carefully Written Philological Work"; Journal of Semitic Studies Praises Studies in the Historical Syntax of Aramaic by Na'ama Pat-El

Esther-Miriam Wagner, of the Woolf Institute, congratulated Pat-El on her contribution to a field "urgently in need of further research":

"Pat-El’s book does not disappoint: it is well written and a very satisfying read. It deals with a range of syntactical features in various dialects of Aramaic, which are presented in a very accessible fashion. . . I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as Pat-El presents a diligent and carefully written philological work. It is to be hoped that this book will be the first of many more linguistic excursions of younger scholars into Semitic historical syntax."

Click here to learn more about the book!

Studies in the Historical Syntax of Aramaic
ISBN 978-1-59333-645-5, $180.31 (Yours Today for Only $162.28)

Historical syntax has long been neglected in the study of the Semitic languages, although it holds great value for the subgrouping of this diverse language family. Focusing on the development of adverbial subordination, nominal modifiers and direct speech marking, as well as reviewing changes through language contact and drift, this book is the first step in the syntactic reconstruction of the Aramaic dialect group, the longest-attested branch of the Semitic language family.


We just added 2 new books to our online catalog...

Jacob of Sarug's Homily on the Lord's Prayer by Morgan Reed

List Price: $192.40 (today yours for only $173.16)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0561-4

Jacob of Sarug's pastoral concern and rhetorical acumen have earned him the title “the lyre of the Holy Spirit”. This volume presents both a text and translation of Jacob’s exposition of a passage central to Christian liturgy and piety.

Jacob of Sarug's Homilies on the Solitaries by Morgan Reed

List Price: $192.40 (today yours for only $173.16)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0562-1

Jacob of Sarug's pastoral concern and rhetorical acumen have appropriately earned him the title “the lyre of the Holy Spirit”. This volume presents Jacob's admonitions to those living a life of consecrated singleness to God.


Journal for the Study of the New Testament Recommends Insiders Versus Outsiders as "a valuable, well-focused collection."

Scholars of the New Testament and early Christianity will be excited to hear about Kok and Dunne's new work. Peter Oakes writes:

"[Insiders Versus Outsiders] is a valuable, well-focused collection of work. The methodological frame proves a fruitful basis for noticing fresh aspects of various of the texts under consideration."

Click here to learn more about the book!

Insiders versus Outsiders
ISBN 978-1-4632-0257-6, $95 (Yours Today for Only $85.50)

Christianity as a movement developed within the already established, but volatile Jewish movement/religion, expressing a profound sense of inclusivism illustrated in the transcendence of social boundaries. In this book the dynamic reality of creating and transcending boundaries and the relationship between insiders and outsiders are explored by way of reflecting on mission and ethos.


We just added 2 new books to our online catalog...

Altuigurische Texte der Kirche des Ostens aus Zentralasien by Peter Zieme

List Price: $120.00 (today yours for only $108.00)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0551-5

The book presents a full documentation of the Old Uigur texts of the Church of the East known from several places of Central Asia, mainly Bulayik and Kurutka in the Turfan oasis, as well as Xaraxoto, from the 10th to 14th century.

"It’s better to hear the rebuke of the wise than to hear the song of the fool" (Qoh 7:5) by W. David Nelson

List Price: $164.13 (today yours for only $147.71)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0560-7

This volume contains selected proceedings of the Midrash Section sessions convened during the 2012-2014 meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature. It is comprised of contributions by leading and emerging scholars that share a common focus on Rabbinic biblical interpretation as it intersects with a range of biblical texts and associated fields of study, including: Jewish legal literature; Hellenistic Judaism; post-biblical interpretation; biblical commentary; liturgical studies; and, cultural studies.


A New Issue of e-Gorgias
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We invite you to read Issue 89 (July, 2015) now.


Go to product page... Leshono Suryoyo: First Studies in Syriac by Healey, John.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($48)

Gorgias Concise Syriac-English, English-Syriac Dictionary by Brock, Sebastian, and George A. Kiraz.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($48)

A Brief Introduction to the Semitic Languages by Rubin, Aaron D.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($34.5)

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Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam by Crone, Patricia.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($89)

Die Lieder des Hafis by Brockhaus, Hermann.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($286.25)

The Origins of the Islamic State by Hitti, Philip Khûri, and Francis Clark Murgotten.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($320.645)

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