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We just added 1 new book to our online catalog...

Pronunciation is in the Brain, not in the Mouth by Edward Odisho

List Price: $79.04 (today yours for only $71.14)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0415-0

This book investigates the cognitive roots of pronunciation in children and adults and the emergence of accent with adults when learning a second language (L2). Subsequently, any teaching of L2 pronunciation to adults should be premised on a multisensory and multicognitive approach covering a wide selection of teaching and learning strategies consistent with the cognitive roots


We just added 1 new book to our online catalog...

An East Syrian Manuscript of the Syriac 'Masora' Dated to 899 CE by Jonathan Loopstra

List Price: $228.09 (today yours for only $205.28)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0391-7

This unique manuscript of the East Syrian Syriac ‘Masora’ is essential for any study of early Syriac vocalization, accentuation, and punctuation. In Volume 1, Gorgias Press has published a facsimile reproduction of this unique ‘masoretic’ manuscript. This volume (Volume 2) includes an introduction and comprehensive lists of all scriptural sample texts and marginal notes in this compilation.


First Came Marriage Reviewed in H-Judaic

Susan Marks' book, First Came Marriage, was recently praised by Jane Kanarek from Hebrew College. Dr. Kanarek says: "The challenge that Marks lays before historians of ancient society is a worthy one: to negotiate between and integrate the disciplines of ritual and history in order to avoid the pitfalls of anachronistic readings of evidence."

Read the whole review here!

First Came Marriage
ISBN 978-1-59333-585-4, $183.04 (today yours for only $164.74)

Ritual and historical perspectives each provide only a partial view of early Jewish weddings. Combining these approaches allows for a new look at practices rejected or highlighted by early rabbis and their successors, and First Came Marriage: The Rabbinic Appropriation of Early Jewish Wedding Ritual investigates the process by which early Jews married and the various moves they used to minimize, elaborate or codify these practices.


We just added 1 new book to our online catalog...

Early Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New Testament by H. A. G. Houghton

List Price: $173.49 (today yours for only $156.14)

ISBN 978-1-4632-0411-2

A collection of ten original papers on the New Testament text, first presented in 2013, which reflect the diversity of current research. Examples of ancient engagement with the Bible include Origen, Eusebius of Caesarea and Augustine along with early translations.


A New Issue of e-Gorgias
The new issue of the monthly e-Gorgias newsletter is now available on the web. The newsletter not only inform you about our recent releases and special sales, but also includes informative content of interest to the scholar and any interested readers. Our Gorgias Enthusiast of the Month section always provides an interesting list of books suggested by readers and scholars. All this information will be delivered straight to your inbox when you join our mailing list, so click here to join.

We invite you to read Issue 77 (July, 2014) now.


Galatians to Philemon According to the Syriac Peshitta Version with English Translation by Walters, J., and George Kiraz.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($150)

Romans and Corinthians 1/2 According to the Syriac Peshitta Version with English Translation by King, Daniel, and George Kiraz.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($150)

Lamen., Prayer & Ep of Jer, 1/2 Ep of Baruch According to the Syriac Peshitta with Eng. Tr. by Walter, Donald, Gillian Greenberg, George A. Kiraz, and Joseph Bali.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($150)

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The Syriac Book of Steps 3 by Kitchen, Robert, and Martien F. G. Parmentier.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($78.845)

The Origins of the Islamic State by Hitti, Philip Khûri, and Francis Clark Murgotten.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($320.645)

Die Lieder des Hafis by Brockhaus, Hermann.

Add to Cart Add to Cart ($286.25)

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