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Syriac - The Baqubah Refugee Camp
By H. H. Austin


 American Christianity
 Ancient Near East
 Arabic & Islamic Studies
 Armenian Studies
 Ascetical & Monastic
 Assyrian Studies, Modern
 Biblical Studies
 Centennial of Sayfo
 Central Asian Studies
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 Church History
 Coptic & Egyptian Studies
 Dead Sea Scrolls
 Eastern Christianity
 European Studies
 Finance and Economics
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Buy this book together with The Tragedy of the Assyrians by R. Stafford
This book gives a detailed picture of the Baqubah refugee camp by the commandant of the camp. Austin discusses the camp’s organization and daily life. The book also discusses the work of the “Assyrian Contingent” that was formed in the camp.
+The Tragedy of the Assyrians depicts the massacres that befell the Assyrians in Iraq in 1933, following their uprooting from their homelands during World War I.Save $28.50
Total List Price: $190.00
Buy both books for only $161.50


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The Baqubah Refugee Camp
By H. H. Austin

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Title:The Baqubah Refugee Camp
Subtitle:An Account of Work on Behalf of the Persecuted Assyrian Christians
Availability:In Print
Publisher:Gorgias Press

By H.  Austin
Availability:In Print
Publication Date:8/2006
From the 1920 edition
Format:Hardback, Black, 6 x 9 in

The Baqubah Refugee Camp was located 33 miles northeast of Baghdad, in Baqubah. Assyrians were relocated here between 1918 and 1920 when they were forced to leave their homeland; in 1933 they were massacred by the Iraqi government. This book gives a detailed picture of the refugee camp by Brigadier General H. H. Austin, Commandant of the Refugee Camp. After giving a detailed background of the events that led to the formation of the camp, Austin details the camp’s organization and daily life. The book also discusses the work of the “Assyrian Contingent” that was formed in the camp.

British officer Brigadier General H. H. Austin commanded the Bakuba Refugee Camp. During his tenure with the British army, he commanded two surveys in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and Lake Rudolf (between 1899 and 1901) as well as other explorations in Africa.

The Baqubah Refugee Camp
By H. H. Austin
Weight:1.44 LBS.
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