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Syriac - Scebabi, Augustinus. Poems of Gregory Barhebraeus  


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Buy this book together with The “Varlik Vergisi” Affair by Rifat N. Bali
Scebabi here presents in vocalized Serto script a number of poems penned by the famous and prolific Barhebraeus (1225-1286) together with a Syriac-Arabic-Latin glossary of difficult words found in the poems.+A comprehensive study on Varlik Vergisi (the Capital Tax) which was implemented on the minorities of the Turkish Republic in 1942–43 and affected their lives as well as conceptions of their place in the society.   Save $45.93
Total List Price: $306.20
Buy both books for only $260.27


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Scebabi, Augustinus. Poems of Gregory Barhebraeus  

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Title:Poems of Gregory Barhebraeus
Series:Syriac Studies Library 81
Availability:In Print
Publisher:Gorgias Press

Edited with an Introduction by Augustinus Scebabi
Availability:In Print
Publication Date:9/2011
From the 1877 edition
Format:Hardback, Black, 6 x 9 in

Augustinus Scebabi, a Maronite monk, here presents in vocalized Serto script a number of poems penned by the famous and prolific Barhebraeus (1225-1286). After a brief introduction in Syriac, Scebabi gives the text of the poems, a full list of which may be found at the end of the book. The poems deal with various themes, including divine love, perfection, wisdom and philosophy, etc., and the book also includes Barhebraeus’ eulogy on John bar Ma‘dani, a contemporary Syriac prelate and poet. At the end of the work, a Syriac-Arabic-Latin glossary of difficult words found in the poems is supplied. Finally, there are also a few poems at the end written in praise of Scebabi himself. This collection of poetry from a shining light of the Syriac Renaissance, and indeed of all of Syriac literature, will be worthwhile reading both in terms of its content and its language.

Table of Contents
  • 978-1-61719-171-8_FrontMatter (page 1)
  • 978-1-61719-171-8_Text (page 7)

Scebabi, Augustinus. Poems of Gregory Barhebraeus
Weight:2.2 LBS.
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