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Journals - Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies (2010)  


  Now in Paperback
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Buy this book together with The Deserted Medieval Village of Cottam and the Settlement Matrix Model by William Fitts
Melilah is an interdisciplinary peer-review journal concerned with Jewish law, history, literature, religion, culture and thought in the ancient, medieval and modern eras. Contributors (2010) include Simon Mayers, Z. Yaakov Wise, Ed Kessler, Hyam Maccoby, and Glenda Abramson.+This volume introduces the concept of the Settlement Matrix, a heuristic model that connects the analysis of the symbolic and practical aspects of human culture by placing them both within the same spaces defined by a settlement and its support area. The settlement matrix model examines each venue of daily life from the house to the settlement to the field system as integral parts of a single cultural construct, the settlement matrix. By defining discrete spaces and a way to connect them, the settlement matrix model provides a way to combine technologies like GIS with current archaeological theory.Save $28.55
Total List Price: $190.35
Buy both books for only $161.80


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Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies (2010)  

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Title:Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies (2010)
Series:Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies (1759-1953) 7
Availability:In Print
Publisher:Gorgias Press

Volume 7
Editors Daniel Langton
Editors Renate Smithuis
Availability:In Print
Publication Date:1/2010
Format:Paperback, Black, 7 x 10 in

Melilah is an interdisciplinary electronic journal concerned with Jewish law, history, literature, religion, culture and thought in the ancient, medieval and modern eras. It was launched in 2004 by Bernard Jackson and Ephraim Nissan under the auspices of the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester as the New Series of the journal of the same name founded by Edward Robertson and Meir Wallenstein and published (in Hebrew) by Manchester University Press from 1944 to 1955. Five substantial volumes, each of around two hundred pages, were produced before the series was discontinued. In his editorial foreword to the first edition, Robertson explained that Melilah had been established to promote Jewish scholarship in the face of the threat posed by the War and its aftermath. The title of the journal refers to the ears of corn that are plucked to rub in the hands before the grains can be eaten (Deut. 23:25).

Contents (2010): Simon Mayers, 'The Roman Catholic Question in the Anglo-Jewish Press, 1890-1925', Z. Yaakov Wise, 'The Establishment of Ultra-Orthodoxy in Manchester', Ed Kessler, 'Changing Landscapes: Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations Today', Hyam Maccoby, 'Some Problems in the Rabbinic Use of the Qal va-Chomer Argument', Glenda Abramson, 'Yitzhak Oren’s Fantastic Science: Two Stories'.

Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies (2010)
Weight:1.5 LBS.
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