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A Kingdom of Priests

Liturgical Formation of the People of God

Edited by Talley Thomas
Papers read at the Anglican Liturgical Consultation Brixen, North Italy, 24-25 August 1987.
Publisher: Gorgias Press LLC
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Publication Date: Jan 22,2010
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Page Count: 43
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-60724-360-1

Papers read at the Anglican Liturgical Consultation Brixen, North Italy, 24-25 August 1987.

Papers read at the Anglican Liturgical Consultation Brixen, North Italy, 24-25 August 1987.

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Talley Thomas

  • A Kingdom of Priests: Liturgical Formation of the People of God (page 5)
  • CONTENTS (page 7)
  • Introduction (page 8)
  • 1. The Formative Character of Liturgy (page 10)
  • 2. The Catechumenate: A Case History (page 15)
  • 3. The Liturgical Ministry of the Laity (page 16)
  • 4. The Liturgical Ministry of the Laity: A Lay Comment (page 24)
  • 5. The Presidency of the Liturgy (page 27)
  • 6. Indigenization of the Liturgy (page 33)
  • 7. Ite, Missa Est: Liturgy and the Church in Mission (page 42)
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