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Aaron J. Brody

Aaron Brody is Robert and Kathryn Riddell Professor of Bible and Archaeology and Director of the Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology.

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Picture of New Perspectives on Ancient Nubia

New Perspectives on Ancient Nubia

ISBN: 978-1-4632-4342-5
Ancient Nubia played key political, social, and economic roles in the ancient world, yet knowledge of Nubian societies remains regrettably narrow, with Nubia often disregarded as derivative of Egypt. This volume provides a timely corrective to this outlook, centering Nubian history and archaeology and presenting research from postcolonial and anti-racist perspectives. In addition to demonstrating Nubiology’s potential impact on Egyptological, classical, and biblical scholarship, this volume offers a new window into African achievements and dominance in the ancient world.
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The Tell en-Nasbeh Excavations after 85 Years

ISBN: 978-1-4632-0416-7
Collected essays on aspects of daily life at the Israelite site of Tell en-Nasbeh (biblical Mizpah of Benjamin). These include: trade and economy, death and burial, metals, cooking, water management, curation of the site’s materials, and a site bibliography.