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Founded in 2001, Gorgias Press is an independent academic publisher of books and journals related to history, languages, and religious studies, with specific areas of expertise in the Ancient Near East, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Archaeology, Biblical Studies, Classics, Early Christianity, Jewish Studies, Linguistics, and Syriac.

Gorgias [GOR-gee-us] Press was originally created by George and Christine Kiraz as a specialty press that could keep up with their research interests. With a background in computational linguistics, George Kiraz envisioned combining cutting-edge technology with humanities research. The new company would be completely online, with no physical storefront, and it would use automation and digital printing technology rather than traditional print runs. With these tools, the press could afford to publish rare and understudied topicsthat were previously considered unprofitable, and Gorgias soon became known for its pioneering work in linguistics, religion, and especially Syriac.

Gorgias’ philosophy of “Publishing for the Sake of Knowledge,” rather than profit, attracted a number of new authors, and the press’s areas of interest rapidly began to expand. Today, we publish 50–60 new titles a year, including monographs, edited volumes, translations, and more, and Gorgias books can be found in academic collections all over the world.

In 2019, Gorgias Press became a Publisher Partner at DeGruyter. The company distributes over 3,000 Gorgias Press titles as eBooks including frontlist, backlist, and archive collections.

Even as we have expanded our operations, we have made our first priority to be a press run by scholars, for scholars. Our editors are accomplished academics in their own right and work closely with our authors to prepare their manuscripts for peer review. All of our staff are personable and efficient, and make every effort to assist both our authors and customers with whatever they need. Whether you are in the process of publishing a new manuscript, researching the difficult or obscure, or just looking for the next great book to add to your shelf, we feel confident that Gorgias will be the right fit for you.

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