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Abrohom Nuro Library

The series contains reprints from rare books that once belonged to the Abrohom Nuro library. These books can hardly be found in Western university libraries. The content is primarily on Syriac studies and Eastern Christianity.

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Chronicle of the Unknown Edessan

Translated into Arabic by Albert Abouna
ISBN: 978-1-60724-695-4
The Syriac Chronicle of the Unknown Edessan (Chronicle of 1234) is an important resource for the period stretching from early Islam until the Crusades. The original manuscript, dating from the fourteenth century, was discovered by Patriarch Afram II Rahmani in Istanbul in 1899. The Syriac text was published by Chabot in collaboration with Afram Barsoum (later Patriarch Afram I Barsoum). The chronicle consists of two parts: Part I covers early world history, while Part II covers early Islam and is an eyewitness account of the Crusades. In this edition, Albert Abouna provides an Arabic translation of Part II with annotations. The volume includes comprehensive indices of names and places.
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The Paradise of Eden

ISBN: 978-1-60724-333-5
Abdisho bar Brikha (d. 1318) was a prominent East Syriac writer. While many of his works did not survive, his The Paradise of Eden, a collection of theological poetry, reached us. This edition is based on the rare Urmia (1916) and Mosul (1928) text editions by J. de Kelaita.
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Bar Hebraeus' Poem on Divine Wisdom

Carmen de divina sapientia, auctore celeberrimo viro Abulpharagio Gregorio filio Haronis Bar-Hebraeo
ISBN: 978-1-60724-334-2
This is a rare edition of Barhebraeus’ poem “On Divine Wisdom” by Ioannes Notayn Darauni (Yūḥannā Nuṭayn al-Dar‘ūnī) was first published in 1880. The Syriac text of the poem is accompanied by detailed footnotes giving Arabic glosses for the difficult words.
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Catalogue of the Malphono Abrohom Nuro Collection

By Abrohom Nuro; Introduction by George Anton Kiraz
ISBN: 978-1-60724-332-8
The Abrohom Nuro library is arguably the richest private collection of Syriac material, especially containing rare titles published in the Middle East in the 1800s and early 1900s. Nuro presents here a checklist of the collection.
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