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Amina Inloes

A native of Southern California, Amina Inloes relocated to rainy London a decade ago, where she is a lecturer and program leader at The Islamic College, a faith-based institution offering academic degrees in Islamic Studies and
related fields. She completed her PhD at the University of Exeter on the subject of Shiʿi hadith about women in pre-Islamic sacred history. An occasional peripatetic, she travels and lectures for Muslim communities worldwide as well as engages in interfaith work.
She contributed to the translation of Spiritual Mysteries and Ethical Secrets by Mulla Fayd Kashani (London: ICAS Press, 2012) and adapted into English M.S Bahmanpour’s historical fiction novel The Idols Will Fall (London: ICAS Press, 2009). Recently, she has taken a detour to the exploration of fantasy
and science fiction in the Muslim consciousness. In addition to being fluent in academics, she can be a riveting conversationalist in computer gaming and intra-Muslim gender politics, and she has an unrecognized talent in paleo baking. Her quest for sacred knowledge has taken her to Qum and Najaf, both as a guide as well as a perennial student.
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Picture of Women in Shiʿism

Women in Shiʿism

Ancient Stories, Modern Ideologies
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0726-7
What is the nature and social role of women? In today’s Shi‘ism, these questions are often answered through the “separate-but- equal” ideology which emphasizes the role of women as wives and mothers, and places men in authority. But is this the only ideology which can be derived from Shi‘i scriptural sources? This book takes a more nuanced approach to that question by exploring how women are portrayed in hadith on ancient sacred narrative – the stories of the prophets. It shows far more diverse views on what it means to be a woman (and, by extension, a man) – and that early Shi‘is held competing views about ideals for women.