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Assad Sauma Assad

Assad Sauma Assad is a Syrologist and a teacher of Syriac in Stockholm. He holds a Ph.D degree in Semitic languages and Syrology from the university of Uppsala in Sweden. He has written som works in the field of Syriac studies among them, Bar-Hebraeus's Commentary on the Book of Kings, Uppsala 2003.

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The Commentary of Saint Ephrem on Genesis with an Arabic Translation

Syriac Text and Arabic Translation by Assad Sauma Assad
ISBN: 978-1-61143-548-1
This book cantains the Syriac text of Saint Ephrem's Commentary on Genesis supplied with an Arabic translation and commentaries. Its text is one of the most beautiful texts in Syriac language. The book is good for the general readers and those who have interest in the Syriac fathers and churches.