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Bekir Kuzudişli

Prof. Dr Bekir Kuzudişli was born in Nizip, a town in the Gaziantep province of Southeastern Turkey (1975). Having graduated from Nizip Imām Hatip High School (1993), he undertook his undergraduate studies (1998) and the first part of his graduate studies (2001) at the Faculty of Theology, Marmara University. In 2002, he joined Istanbul University, where he still works, as a research assistant at the Faculty of Islamic Studies and completed his doctorate there at the Faculty of Theology; his PhD dissertation was titled Ḥadīth Narration and Family Isnād (2005). Following his research on Ḥadīth Narration and Isnād in Shiism, he was promoted to the position of Associate Professor in 2012 and was further awarded the title of Full Professor in 2017. His research focuses on isnād, the history of Ḥadīth, Orientalism, and Ḥadīth in Shiism.

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Picture of The History of Ḥadīth

The History of Ḥadīth

From the Prophet to the Six Canonical Books
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4779-9
A study of the history of Ḥadīth, covering the first three centuries up to the compilation of the six canonical books, explaining how the Prophet's ḥadīths reached al-Kutub as-Sittah. Each stage is analysed, taking into account the schools of thought, politics, and relations of the scholars in each period. This is the first English translation of Hadis Tarihi, a book first published in 2017.