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Byron David Stuhlman

Mr. Stuhlman is a retired Episcopal priest who served parishes in Connecticut and Central New York. A graduate of Yale University (BA), General Theological Seminary (STB), and Duke University (PhD), he taught in the Department of Religion at Hamilton College and as an adjunct professor of liturgics at General Seminary and has written five books on the Book of Common Prayer. His doctoral disseration, supervised by Geoffrey Wainwright, examined the liturgical theology of Alexander Schmemann

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The Initiatory Process in the Byzantine Tradition

Texts in Translation from Early Manuscripts of the Euchology and Typikon of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, with a brief commentary
ISBN: 978-1-60724-430-1
This study provides an English translation of the texts for initiation in the Byzantine tradition, drawing on early manuscripts of the euchology and the typikon of the Great Church (Hagia Sophia). This includes texts for the enrollment of children in the rites of the eighth and fortieth days, catechesis and prayers during Lent, final preparations, including consecration of Chrism and the rites of apotaxis and syntaxis on Good Friday, Baptism at the Easter Vigil, postbaptismal rites and rites of closure, and provisions for the other baptismal feasts.