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Eberhard Nestle

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De Sancta Cruce

Ein Beitrag zur christlichen Legendengeschichte
ISBN: 978-1-61143-620-4
Eberhard Nestle presents here a study of the story of the discovery of the true cross within the Syriac literature tradition.
$157.00 $94.20

Syriac Grammar

With Bibliography, Chrestomathy, and Glossary
By Eberhard Nestle; Translated by R. S. Kennedy
ISBN: 978-1-61719-182-4
Grammar of Syriac, prepared by the celebrated editor of the New Testament, with bibliography of nineteenth-century works on Syriac, three Syriac texts, and glossary.
$157.00 $94.20

Die Kirchengeschichte des Eusebius aus dem Syrischen übersetzt

ISBN: 978-1-61719-369-9
The Syriac text of Eusebius' Historia Ecclestiastica, is here translated into German from 5th and 6th century manuscripts.
$104.00 $62.40

A Tract of Plutarch on the Advantage to be Derived from One's Enemies

ISBN: 1-59333-484-2
This Syriac edition with English translation is the historic first printing of such an edition of the manuscript available to European scholars. The unusual nature of Syriac monks translating the work of the Greek heathen Plutarch give this document inherent historical value.
$43.00 $25.80