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Francis Peters

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Picture of  The Making and Unmaking of a Jesuit

The Making and Unmaking of a Jesuit

ISBN: 978-1-59333-450-5
The Jesuits—that group of clerics so deeply imbedded in the dreams and nightmares of the Catholic Church and in the history of the world. Sometimes saints and sometimes energetic and devious schemers, the Jesuits have educated and trained most of the Catholic intellectuals of America and Europe for the last four hundred years. F. E. Peters throws open the doors of the Jesuit citadel in this story of a young man’s coming of age. This is a personal story told without romance and without rancor, and if the Jesuit life is one of bondage to an almost impossible ideal of perfect obedience and self-denial, it is also, as Ours makes clear without the slightest trace of jesuitical equivocation, a life of intelligence, of intense camaraderie, and of high good humor.
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