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Georg Wilhelm Freytag

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Darstellung der Arabischen Verskunst

Mit Sechs Anhängen
ISBN: 978-1-60724-306-9
As a representation of Arabic verse art, this exploration by Freytag serves as a useful introduction to Arabic poetry for German readers. Following an introduction that presents the basics such as metrical considerations, verse structure, and important characters in the development of Arabic verse, Freytag moves on to specific examples. On all of these topics Freytag writes with authority and sets the standard for works that follow in this field. Useful for beginning students of Arabic and researchers alike, this volume will make a welcome supplement to any library on Arabic verse.
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Einleitung in das Studium der Arabischen Sprache

ISBN: 978-1-59333-933-3
The introduction to the Arabic language by the renowned linguist Georg Freytag is fast becoming difficult to find. Written in German, this precise presentation is intended for a general readership which has no background in previous Semitic language study. The Arabic period covered for this historic grammar is that of Mohammed and later. In some ways an unconventional approach Freytag introduces topics such as Arabic names and the history of the Arabs, even prior to Mohammed’s time. An outline of the Arabic language and its dialects is presented. A period piece that retains its functionality, this introduction to Arabic is more than a grammar, it is a view into the life of the Arabian world.
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