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George Galdies

A native of Izmir, George Galdies was for a while British Vice-consul in Izmir where he acquired a working knowledge of Smyrneika Greek. His interests in Ancient and Modern history of Izmir and of Asia Minor lasted for the rest of his near 50 years business activities around the world until his retirement; when he initiated the first Levantine Symposium in Izmir in 2010 and this Lexicon.

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A Smyrneika Lexicon

The Language of Smyrna (Izmir, Turkey) Explained and Illustrated
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0251-4
A lexicon of Smyrneika, the Greek dialect that functioned as a lingua franca amongst the Levantine merchant communities of the Mediterranean. Rediscovering Turkey’s Ottoman past, including lost minority cultures… a study by three amateur lexicographers. The vocabulary is followed by a collection of proverbs and a series of dialogues illustrating the language and customs … “ Peter Mackridge
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