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Demosthenes and the Last Days of Greek Freedom 384-322 BC

ISBN: 1-59333-030-8
This is a reprint of the classical study by Pickard-Cambridge about Greece's most famous political orator, Demosthenes. It deals with his role in the last struggle of the Greeks for freedom against the Macedonian Empire.

American Journal of Ancient History (New Series 2.2, 2003 [2007])

Edited by T. Corey Brennan
ISBN: 978-1-59333-746-9
The continuation of the historic American Journal of Ancient History this volume contains three articles: “Urartu and the Medikos logos of Herodotus” by Laura D. Steele, “‘The athletes of war’: An evaluation of the agonistic elements in Greek warfare” by John Dayton, and “Agesilaus’ Egyptian enterprise” by Stephen Ruzicka. This is volume 2, number 2 of the New Series (2003 [2007]).

Vergil in the Middle Ages

ISBN: 1-931956-35-9
Long before its translation into English, this book secured its author a permanent place in the ranks of European philologists. Comparetti depicts a comprehensive history of the medieval conception of Vergil, then seeks to determine their nature, causes, and connection with European thought.

A History of Freedom of Thought

ISBN: 1-931956-39-1
This is a classic book on the history of freedom of thought, covering ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. In addition, this early monograph deals with the Reformation, followed by the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries.

After Life in Roman Paganism

ISBN: 1-931956-37-5
Through the course of eight lectures, Franz Cumont gives a thorough investigation of the afterlife in Roman pagan thought. He covers topics such as the afterlife, celestial immortality, untimely death, the sufferings of hell and metempsychosis, the felicity of the blessed, the journey to the beyond, and more.

Plato, Apology of Socrates and Crito

With Extracts from the Phaedo and Symposium and From Xenophon's Memorabillia
ISBN: 1-59333-007-3
This edition of the Greek text is an excellent reader for any student of classics. It covers Plato’s Apology, Plato’s Crito, extracts from Plato’s Phaedo and Symposium, and Xenophon’s Memorabilia. It ends with a fifty page Greek-English vocabulary covering the entire material.

The Institutes of Roman Law

ISBN: 1-59333-006-5
This is an indispensable reference to Roman Law, with an introductory essay by Erwin Grueber of Balliol College, Oxford. Sohm presents a systematic and historical exposition of Roman private law, introducing a new element into the legal studies of the English-speaking world.

The Gorgias of Plato

ISBN: 1-59333-024-3
This pedagogical reader of the Greek text of Plato's Gorgias, originally published for students in Victorian England, is an immensely helpful textbook for the student of the Greek language and literature. Edited by the prominent W. H. Thompson.

The Book of Calendars

Conversion Tables for Ancient, African, Near Eastern, Indian, Asian, Central American and Western Calendars
ISBN: 1-931956-76-6
The book provides easy-to-use tables that translate the calendars of over sixty civilizations into the Julian and Gregorian calendars. An indispensable tool for scholars.