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Modern Syriac

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History of the Syrian Nation and the Old Evangelical-Apostolic Church of the East

New Introduction by David Malick
ISBN: 1-59333-408-7
This book is the first account written in English on the history of the Church of the East by one of its own adherents. The basis of the book is a history that was written in Assyrian (Neo-Aramaic) by Shamasha George David Malech (1837-1909).

The Rage of Islam: An Account of the Massacres of Christians by the Turks in Persia

ISBN: 1-59333-411-7

The Rage of Islam is a chilling account of the massacres that befell the Christians of Persia in 1915. The book provides a good description of the massacres of 1915 from the point of view of a native Assyrian.


The Baqubah Refugee Camp

An Account of Work on Behalf of the Persecuted Assyrian Christians
ISBN: 1-59333-401-X
This book gives a detailed picture of the Baqubah refugee camp by the commandant of the camp. Austin discusses the camp’s organization and daily life. The book also discusses the work of the “Assyrian Contingent” that was formed in the camp.

Impressions of Ancient Mesopotamia

ISBN: 1-59333-226-2
Impressions of Ancient Mesopotamia introduces children to ancient Mesopotamian culture through cylinder seals: their production, use, and art. Written for sixth grade readers, this book provides a historical introduction to Mesopotamia, discusses several ancient technologies, introduces Mesopotamian myths, and gives insight into distinctively Mesopotamian cultural characteristics, ideas, and institutions. Over fifty illustrations, a craft, several sidebars, and a section on further investigation complement the text.

The Syrians in America

With an Introduction by Talcott Williams
ISBN: 1-59333-176-2
This is the first academic study to discuss the immigration of Arabs to the U.S. Hitti describes the social and educational conditions of the immigrants and the religious problems and issues that arose as a result. An appendix is given listing the various religious communities in the U.S.

The Book of Common Prayer [shhimo] of the Syrian Church (Paperback)

ISBN: 1-59333-033-2
A translation (from the Syriac) of the West Syriac Daily Offices, known as the book of shhimo.

Dr. Grant and the Mountain Nestorians

ISBN: 1-59333-181-9
Drawing extensively from Dr. Grant's own letters and journals, Laurie's narrative provides a lively account of the life and work of a little-known nineteenth-century missionary.

The Last Assyrians: A History of Aramaic-Speaking Christians

ISBN: 0-00000-006-X
The Last Assyrians is a film on the survival of the Aramaic-speaking Christians (Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs). The U.S. edition is the English version.

The Forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, The Last Arameans

ISBN: 1-59333-077-4
The first and only extensive treatment of the genocide of the Aramaic-speaking Christians of the Middle East, in particular the Syriac Orthodox communities, in the late 1800s and early 1900s under the Ottomans. Courtois bases his study on the diplomatic archives of the French Foreign Affairs office (Quai d'Orsay), the archives of the Dominican Mission at Mosul, Iraq, written eyewitness accounts, and oral interviews with genocide survivors conducted by the author.

History of the Armenians in India

ISBN: 1-59333-049-9
The only history of its kind ever written, this book narrates the advent of the Armenian colony in India and its contribution to the East India Company. Seth describes in detail the Armenians’ commerce and power, as well as their literary and social activities.

The Syriac Alphabet for Children (Hardback)

ISBN: 1-59333-113-4
This booklet presents the Syriac alphabet according to the West Syriac script, known also as Serto. With twenty-two illustrations, it is a great introduction to the alphabet for children, parents, and students of Syriac.

Grammar of Modern Syriac Language as Spoken in Urmia, Persia, and Kurdistan

ISBN: 1-59333-124-X
A detailed grammar, with extensive vocabulary, of the Neo-Aramaic dialect as spoken in Urmia, by a missionary of the American Board in Persia.

The Syriac Alphabet for Children (Paperback)

ISBN: 1-59333-112-6
This booklet presents the Syriac alphabet according to the West Syriac script, known also as Serto. With twenty-two illustrations, it is a great introduction to the alphabet for children, parents, and students of Syriac. Paperback version

East Syrian Daily Offices

ISBN: 1-59333-060-X
An English translation of the Daily Offices of the East Syriac rite, used today by the Assyrian Church of the East, the Chaldean Church, and the Syro-Malabar Church.

Narrative of a Visit to the Syrian [Jacobite] Church of Mesopotamia

ISBN: 1-59333-022-7
Southgate's encounters with the Syriac-speaking Christians of Turkey shed a light on the life and status of this ancient Christian minority.

Dictionary of the Dialects of Vernacular Syriac

ISBN: 1-59333-017-0
The main Neo-Aramaic-English dictionary for the dialects spoken by the "Eastern Syrians [Assyrians & Chaldeans]", including illustrations from the dialects of the Jews of Zakhu and Azerbaijan, and of the Western Syrians of Tur Abdin and Ma'lula.

Grammar of the Dialects of Vernacular Syriac

ISBN: 1-59333-018-9
The primary grammatical reference for the Neo-Aramaic dialects "spoken by the Eastern Syrians [modern Assyrians & Chaldeans] of Kurdistan, North-West Persia, and the Plain of Mosul," includes notices of the dialects of the Jews of Azerbaijan & Zakhu.

The Hidden Pearl: The Aramaic Heritage

ISBN: 1-931956-99-5
An unprecedented book and album set on the Aramaic heritage, including three one-hour documentary video tapes. Vol. I covers the ancient Aramaic heritage, vol. II is on the heirs of the heritage, and vol. III covers one of the witness communities today.

The Assyrians and Their Neighbours

ISBN: 1-931956-11-1
Rev. Wigram spent much of his clerical career working with the Church of the East, and for years after WWI, he spoke to English readers on behalf of the modern Assyrian people about their claims to a just settlement. This book is his last book on the subject.

The Hidden Pearl (vol. 3)

Vol. 3: At the Turn of the Third Millennium; The Syrian Orthodox Witness
ISBN: 1-931956-99-5-3
Despite tremendous challenges, Syriac culture and language has survived to the present day. However, massacres and forced migrations have forced Syriac communities to seek homes outside the Middle East, including Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, America, and Australia. This volume looks at the changing face of Syriac culture in the new millennium and in particular the measures that are being taken to successfully adapt to its new environments. Includes color photographs.