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Heath W. Lowry, Jr.

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Studies in Defterology

Ottoman Society in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
ISBN: 978-1-61719-913-4
A volume consisting of essays by Heath Lowry based on his work studying Ottoman registers and other archival documents from Anatolia and the Balkans.
$153.00 $91.80

The Story Behind Ambassador Morgenthau's Story

ISBN: 978-1-61719-912-7
A rejection of the claims in Henry Morgethnthau’s memoirs which have been used to argue that there was a genocide committed against Armenians during WWI.
$115.00 $69.00

Humanist and Scholar

Essays in Honor of Andreas Tietze
ISBN: 978-1-61143-136-0
Seven essays written in honour of the famous Austrian Turcologist, Andreas Tietze, who passed away in 2003.
$118.00 $70.80

The Islamization & Turkification of the City of Trabzon (Trebizond), 1461-1583

ISBN: 978-1-61719-157-2
This study uses the rich Ottoman records to assess how the Islamization and Turkification of the Christian Greek city of Trabzon occurred.
$146.00 $87.60

Defterology Revisited

Studies on 15th and 16th Century Ottoman Society
ISBN: 978-1-61719-152-7
$141.00 $84.60