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Hubert Kaufhold

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The Coming of the Comforter

When, Where, and to Whom? Studies on the Rise of Islam and Various Other Topics in Memory of John Wansbrough
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0158-6
John Wansbrough is famous for his pioneering studies on the “sectarian milieu” out of which Islam emerged. In his view, Islam grew out of different - albeit rather marginal - Jewish and Christian traditions. In the present volume, which is dedicated to Wansbrough’s memory, specialists in Islamic studies and students of the Jewish and early Christian traditions summarise Wansbrough’s achievements in the past thirty years and chart the future of the tradition study of the “sectarian milieu.”
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The Nomocanon of Abdisho of Nisibis

A Facsimile Edition of MS 64 from the Collection of the Church of the East in Trissur
Edited by István Perczel; Introduction by Hubert Kaufhold; Foreword by Mar Aprem
ISBN: 978-1-59333-968-5
This book is one of the most important sources for the canon law of the East-Syrian Church. In Canon I of the council held in the year 1318, this collection was proclaimed the authoritative canon law and has since retained its status as the binding legal collection of the East Syrian Church. This second edition reproduces the original manuscript in color.
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Zur Datierung nach christlicher Ära in den syrischen Kirchen

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 125
ISBN: 978-1-60724-038-9
The Christian era in Syriac and Arabic sources does not always correspond with the western calculations. Until quite recently the members of the Syriac churches used the era of the Seleucids (of Alexander the Great; East and West Syrians) as the era of the creation of Adam (Melkites). The use of the Christian era became more common from the 16th century, due to the closer contacts between the Oriental and the Latin churches.
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Oriens Christianus (1901-1939) (31-volume set)

For more than a century Oriens Christianus has been one of the leading international periodicals in the domain of Eastern Christian Studies. From its very beginning in 1901 it covers the complete range of Eastern Churches and languages as well as liturgy, art, archaeology, and, to a minor extent, Islam. This long-lived periodical is a tool for tracing the development of Eastern Christian studies in general and the history of Oriental scholarship in Germany in particular. The early volumes of the journal facilitated the formation of a scholarly Orientalist community. They established a standard of scholarship and criticism beyond national and ecclesiastical polemics. This 31-volume collection gathers all the contributions of Oriens Christianus from 1901 until 1939.
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