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Ian Young

Ian Young is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Classical Hebrew at the University of Sydney.

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Keter Shem Tov

Essays on the Dead Sea Scrolls in Memory of Alan Crown
ISBN: 978-1-61143-866-6
This eclectic collection contains 16 articles on a variety of topics within Qumran Studies from a conference held in memory of the late Professor Alan Crown. Essays cover the impact of the Qumran discoveries on the study of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament to the study of the scrolls themselves and the community organizations presupposed in them, focusing as well on topics as diverse as sexuality, scribal practice and the attitude to the Temple in the scrolls.

Rhetoric, Ideology, Stylistics, and Language Relating to Persian Israel

ISBN: 978-1-60724-584-1
A volume of collected essays that explores what we can learn about the producers and readers of biblical books by looking into matters of language, rhetoric, style, and ideology. What do they teach us about these literati’s world of knowledge and imagination, about the issues they had in mind and the ways they came to deal with them through authoritative literature? The book includes essays on such issues as whether linguistic theories can solve literary-critical problems, on what is “late biblical Hebrew,” on parallelism and noun groups in biblical poetry, and the communicative meaning of some linguistic choices.