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Ignatius Yacoub III

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The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch

in Five Languages
ISBN: 978-1-61143-218-3
The present work is a brief essay that provides a basic introduction to the Syrian Orthodox Church. This volume includes the essay in five languages: Arabic, German, Dutch, Turkish, and English.
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Tangible Proofs of the Exchange between Syriac and Arabic

al-barāhīn al-ḥisiyya `alā taqāruḍ al-suryāniyya wal-`arabiyya
ISBN: 978-1-61719-469-6
In this linguistics book, Ignatius Yacoub III documents the relationship between the Syriac and Arabic languages; postulating that both are intrinsic to the study of the other.
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History of the Syrian Church of India

ISBN: 978-1-59333-982-1
This book covers the history of the Syrian church of India from its founding by the apostle Thomas in 52 A.D., until the first half of the 20th century. During which, the author explains the various obstacles the Indian Church faced in therms of theology and colonialism. The several delegations of the Apostolic See of Antioch to India from the 17th to the 20th centuries form an indispensable account of the vicissitudes of a struggling native Indian Church trying to preserve its Antiochene identity.
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History of the Monastery of Saint Matthew in Mosul

Translated by Matti Moosa
ISBN: 978-1-59333-788-9
Located north of Mosul, St. Matthew’s Monastery—commonly known as Dayr Sheikh Matti—is perhaps the most ancient religious institution in Iraq. Although the Syriac life story of St. Matthew was published together with that of St. Behnam by Paul Bedjan in 1891, and translated into Arabic by Elias Behnam, this present account is more extensive and informative. It includes in-depth physical and spiritual descriptions of the monastery as an outstanding institution which played a significant role in the history of the Syrian Orthodox Church of the East. Mar Ignatius Jacob III offers insight into the monastery’s learned superiors, metropolitans and magnificent library.
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