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Jean-Baptiste Abbeloos

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De Vita et Scriptis Sancti Jacobi, Batnarum Sarugi in Mesopotamia Episcopi

The Life and Works of Jacob of Sarug
ISBN: 978-1-60724-902-3
This volume contains the dissertation of the Belgian scholar J. B. Abbeloos. Here he studies the life and works of Jacob of Sarug. The major section of the book deals with Jacob’s thought, as taken from his homilies.
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Picture of Gregorii Barhebraei Chronicon Ecclesiasticum (3-volume set)

Gregorii Barhebraei Chronicon Ecclesiasticum (3-volume set)

ISBN: 978-1-61719-313-2
These three volumes constitute the standard edition of the second part of Barhebraeus’ Chronography, which deals with sacred history of both the eastern and western regions of the Syriac church, together with a Latin translation and a number of notes.
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