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John Garstang

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El Arabah

A Cemetery of the Middle Kingdom; Survey of the Old Kingdom Tenemos; Graffiti from the Temple of Sety
ISBN: 978-1-61719-491-7
Report of the 1900 excavations of Abydos, which discovered some of the oldest Egyptian artwork
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The Land of the Hittites

An Account of Recent Explorations and Discoveries in Asia Minor, with Descriptions of the Hittite Monuments
ISBN: 978-1-59333-617-2
This important summary of Garstang’s travels and studies in Anatolia (present-day Turkey) is fully illustrated with nearly 100 photographs as well as maps and plans. This account details the marvels revealed by archaeology in ancient western Asia. The study begins with documentation of the geography of the region, giving the reader a sense of the world as seen by the Hittites of antiquity. Garstang outlines the history of the Hittite period before detailing the monumental architecture of this people. Garstang’s treatment concludes with a substantial history of the Hittites, people referred to in the Bible and in the historical records of other ancient Near Eastern civilizations.