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Library Affiliates

Library Affiliates

The Gorgias Library Affiliate Program: Books at Distributor Prices

We know that arts and humanities libraries are feeling the budget crunch more and more every year. Not only do you have to make tough decisions on what to buy, but you also have to balance traditional print books against investments in digital technology, all with not quite enough money.

Because librarians are some of our most loyal customers, we’ve decided to take steps to make our books more affordable for you. Starting April 25, 2014, we launched a new direct-order initiative called the Gorgias Library Affiliate Program.

The idea is simple. Order the books you need straight from us, and we'll give you the same 30% discount we normally offer our best distributors. What’s more, we’ll send books to you straight from the press, saving up to a week of shipping.

Here's a short list of the benefits you'll get when you join the program:

  • Returns for up to one year, rather than sixty days.
  • Standing orders on any of our top-tier series.
  • Faster shipping - straight from the press to you (saving you as much as a week).
  • Best of all, 30% off all items, the same prices we offer our best distributors.

For a limited time, membership in the Gorgias Library Affiliate Program is free after an initial purchase of $500 (no dues, no fees). Simply send an email to with the name of your library, your mailing address, and proof of order.

Take advantage of the quality books that Gorgias has to offer, without the markup.

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Current Affiliates

British Library

Princeton Theological Seminary

Saint Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary

Cairn University

Holy Spirit University of Kaslik

Hebrew Union College

Gateway Seminary

Yan Fook Bible Institute

Current Affiliates