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Mar Nestorius and Mar Theodore The Interpreter

The Forgotten Eucharistic Prayers of East Syria

Translated and Annotated by Bryan Spinks
This is a brilliant addition to the comprehensive range of patristic liturgical materials offered by this Series.
Publisher: Gorgias Press LLC
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SKU (ISBN): 978-1-60724-395-3
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Publication Status: In Print
Publication Date: Jan 17,2010
Interior Color: Black
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Page Count: 43
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-60724-395-3

This is a brilliant addition to the comprehensive range of patristic liturgical materials offered by this Series.

This is a brilliant addition to the comprehensive range of patristic liturgical materials offered by this Series.

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Bryan Spinks

  • Contents (page 6)
  • Introduction (page 7)
  • 2. Concerning the Texts of the Anaphoras of Mar Nestorius and Mar Theodore the Interpreter (page 9)
  • 3. The Anaphora of Mar Nestorius (page 13)
  • 4. Commentary on Mar Nestorius (page 17)
  • 5. The Anaphora of Mar Theodore The Interpretor (page 23)
  • 6. Commentary on Theodore (page 27)
  • 7. Concluding Remarks (page 31)
  • 8. The Texts: (a)MAR NESTORIUS* (page 32)
  • Appendix: Bibliography of Studies on Nestorius and Theodore (page 42)
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