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Mother Tongue (XXII)

XXII (2020)

Edited by John D. Bengtson; Associate Editor Jan Henrik Holst
Journal of the Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory.
Publisher: Gorgias Press LLC
SKU (ISBN): 978-1-4632-4200-8
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Publication Status: In Print
Series: Mother Tongue22
Publication Date: Dec 2,2020
Interior Color: Black
Trim Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Page Count: 261
Languages: English
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4200-8
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Journal of the Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory.

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Mother Tongue (XXIII)

Journal of the Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory.

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This book is intended to provide a quick introductory overview of the Tiberian Masoretic tradition of the Hebrew Bible and its background. It was this tradition that produced the great Masoretic codices of the Middle Ages, which form the basis of modern printed editions of the Hebrew Bible. Particular prominence is given to the multi-layered nature of the Masoretic tradition. The volume contains a section describing the Tiberian reading tradition, which is essential for a correct understanding of the vocalization system.
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