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Muhammad Abd al-Hamid al-Hamad

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The Role of the Syrians in the Arab Sciences

ISBN: 978-1-60724-150-8
This book begins with a discussion of the contribution of the areas of al-Raqqa (Kallinikos) and Diyar Mudar for translations into the Arabic language; it also covers the importance of Christian monasteries in the region of the Jazira for the history of translations into Greek.
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The Syriac Contribution to Arab Civilization

ISBN: 978-1-60724-149-2
The aim of this book is to demonstrate the movement of Greek thought into Arabic via the Syriac language. Al-Hamad devotes the four sections of this book to profiling four different authors who either wrote in Syriac or whose works were transmitted into Arabic via Syriac translations: Porphyry, John Philoponos (‘the Grammarian’), Jacob of Edessa and Dionysios of Tellmahre.
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