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New Testament Overview

Syriac-English New Testament

To celebrate our Editor-in-Chief George Kiraz turning 55, earlier this year we launched a bilingual Syriac-English print edition of the New Testament in one volume.

The original volume was a non-gilded format. However, we are happy to announce that we are adding a very special gilded edition of the volume to our offer.


Syriac-English New Testament gilded edgesSyriac-English-New-Testament-Gilded edges     Syriac-English New Testament non-gilded edgesNon-gilded edges

If you have already ordered non-gilded volumes and would like to upgrade to the gilded version for a small additional cost of just $14.90/volume, please click this link. You may also email If you can cite your order number, that would be helpful, but is not essential.

Details about the volume

The book is the result of a long journey: to produce a new edition of the Peshitta Bible along with a meaningful English translation that strikes the right balance between a scholarly rendition and an allegorical text for Church use. The volume is adorned with colored Syriac paintings from the famous Rabbula Gospels and other Syriac decorative art with a lengthy and detailed introduction to the history of the Peshitta New Testament from ancient times until the production of this volume.


The gilded version is distinct due to the radiant, golden gilt page edging as shown above.

Ordering your copies

We are happy to offer bulk discounts of both the gilded and non-gilded formats for those who wish to obtain multiple copies for their friends and loved ones, or those who would like to gift copies to their Church organizations, Sunday schools, or Bible study groups. Full details can be found on the gilded format and non-gilded books’ product pages.

If you have any questions, please email