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Ophir Münz-Manor

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Jacob of Sarug’s Homily on Jephthah’s Daughter

Metrical Homilies of Mar Jacob of Sarug
Translation and Introduction by Susan Ashbrook Harvey & Ophir Münz-Manor
ISBN: 978-1-60724-071-6
This edition of Mar Jacob of Sarug's (d. 521) homily on Jephthah’s daughter invisages this single, virginal female as a prefiguration of Christ. Jacob also discusses the history of blood sacrifice and on the qualities that render Jephthah’s action priestly. The volume constitutes a fascicle of The Metrical Homilies of Mar Jacob of Sarug, which, when complete, will contain the original Syriac text of Jacob's surviving sermons, fully vocalized, alongside an annotated English translation.