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Publishing with Gorgias

Publish with Gorgias

Gorgias Press was formed and is run by scholars for scholars. Our staff are themselves published authors, and thus understand your needs as an author. They will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your work is published and produced in the best possible form.  Additionally, because we use the latest in digital publishing technologies, your book will never go out-of-print.  At Gorgias Press, we publish non-fiction and academic monographs, pedagogical works, collections of papers & conference proceedings, reference works, and translated academic works, along with revised doctoral dissertations and reprints of valuable rare books, with new introductions written by specialists when possible.  If you have a mansucript (or an idea for a reprint), please continue reading for information about our publication process.  Please note that as the process of consideration by editorial boards and external reviewers is a time consuming one, we will not consider manuscripts that have been concurrently submitted to another publisher. 

I. The Submission Process

If you would like to publish your work with Gorgias Press, you will find the submission process an easy one. You can submit your material in electronic form (e.g., via e-mail attachment). You should include:

  1. A cover letter or e-mail.
  2. An abstract of the book.
  3. Table of contents.
  4. Sample chapters (or all chapters).
  5. Your CV
  6. The names and contacts of two or three references (scholars who are familiar with your work).

Submissions are sent to

II. The Evaluation Process

All submissions go through an evaluation process, which ensures quality of content. Our internal editors—experts in their respective fields—evaluate the submission and seek out the opinions of external scholars when needed (and always in the case of doctoral dissertations). Once a decision is reached, the author is notified. The entire process may take from a few weeks to a few months depending on the nature of the submission and the response of external evaluators.

III. The Production Process

Once accepted, the work enters the pipeline for production. You, the author, are asked to provide the final submission according to the Gorgias Press Submission Guidelines (which are provided). After we receive the final submission, the book goes through copy editing. The copy editor works closely with you and provides feedback whenever necessary. Then, the book is typeset and a proof is generated, with one of editors contacting you to approve the proof in question. At this point, we design an attractive cover and go through another round of proofs before your book is sent to the printer. After a final round of proofs, your book goes to press and is ready to purchase. The production process takes a few months and depends on the condition of the submission. The more you adhere to our guidelines, the faster the production process will be.

IV. The Marketing Process

We take the marketing of your book very seriously. Within a few weeks of publication, you will start seeing your book listed on various web sites (in addition to our own) such as, and many others. Additionally, your book will become available to other potential individual and institutional buyes both across the United States and internationally through large book distribution channels. We will notify libraries of your book's publication, exhibit your volume at academic conferences, and possibly advertise your publication in periodicals. The book will also be included in various direct marketing campaigns. As soon as the book becomes available, copies will be sent to various journals, which you will have a say in choosing, for review.

Gorgias Press Statement on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: 
Gorgias Press LLC has long been committed to ensuring that its staff and day-to-day running as an independent academic publisher are representative of the world’s rich, vibrant and diverse array of academics and independent researchers. With this ethos in mind, its management team has sought to fulfil Gorgias Press’ motto publishing for the sake of knowledge by drawing upon the tremendous specialist knowledge found across academia, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age, nationality, or religious belief.
In furtherance of its position on equality, diversity and inclusion, Gorgias Press is committed to ensuring that all of its editorial boards and peer reviewers are established with equality, diversity and inclusion as key criteria for selection. In particular, the selection ofeditorial boards will ensure gender equality and a strong presence of scholars who are representative of the diverse ethnicities that make up academia. Further, Gorgias Press will endeavour to ensure that specialists on its editorial boards will not be limited to academics working in North America and Europe, but inclusive of the rich pool of specialists working across the developing world.

Dr George Kiraz & Dr Christine Kiraz
President and Vice President, Gorgias Press, LLC