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Sally Guthrie

Sally Guthrie holds degrees in Classics and Social Policy, and has held research fellowships at London University’s Institute of Psychiatry, York University’s Social Policy Research Unit, and Leeds University’s School of Medicine. While her three children were young she also taught Classics in school. In retirement she undertook a PhD in Theology, and this book is the outcome.

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Picture of The Text of the Gospels in Gregory of Nazianzus

The Text of the Gospels in Gregory of Nazianzus

ISBN: 978-1-4632-4337-1
Quotations in early Christian writers provide important evidence for the text of the New Testament as well as the ways in which Scripture was used and received in the early Church. The fourth-century archbishop Gregory of Nazianzus was one of the most influential and widely-read authors of his time, but because the majority of his output was in poetic form he has rarely been treated as a source for the biblical text. The present study brings together all the identifiable references to the Gospels in Gregory’s writings for the first time, comparing them with standard biblical texts and manuscripts in order to determine their significance for the history and transmission of the New Testament. This collection also sheds new light on Gregory’s treatment of Scripture and the distinctive role it plays in his rhetorical style.