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Alimtohte Shiho

Alimtohte SHIHO (Alim Tohti Uyghur) is a Uyghur scholar and an Assistant Professor at Tohoku University, Japan. In 2020, he was a visiting researcher at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford. He is the author of History of Islamic Studies in Japan―Volume on China (Shumpusha Publishing, 2018), History of Islamic Studies in China (Akashi Publishing, 2019), Criticism and Reconstruction of Chinese Confucianism by Japanese Confucianism (Akashi Publishing, 2020), Islam in China: A History of European and American Scholarship (Gorgias Press, 2021), and Islam and Confucianism (Akashi Publishing, 2022).

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Picture of Islam in China and the Islamic world

Islam in China and the Islamic world

A History of Chinese Scholarship
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4587-0
Over the past half century, China has accomplished a great deal in the study of Islam, and established a certain academic system for its study. This book offers a history of contemporary Islamic research in China, analyzing the interdisciplinary research emerging from this system, from its background to the people involved, mechanisms, and their publications, scientific conferences, reference works and historical materials, and the branches of research: history, religion, philosophy, politics, and culture.
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Picture of Islam in China

Islam in China

A History of European and American Scholarship
ISBN: 978-1-4632-4329-6
This book explores the historical development of Chinese Islamic studies in the West in different periods, as first missionaries and then orientalists engaged with the region and sought to understand its Muslim populations. Each period is defined by its own sociological and ideological background, reflecting the development of Sino-foreign relations, the history of cultural exchanges, and more.