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Maria Gabriella Micale

Maria Gabriella Micale is currently Post-Doc at TOPOI-Excellence Cluster in Berlin and archaeologist member of the Italian Archaeological Expedition in Tell Mardikh/Ebla (Syria). She holds an MA and a PhD from the Sapienza University of Rome. She is author of "L'Immagine dell'architettura nel rilievo storico neoassiro" (=CMAO 14), 2011, Rome, and published articles about ancient Near Eastern architecture and images of architecture, archaeological drawings and modern reception of ancient architecture.

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How Do We Want the Past to Be?

On Methods and Instruments of Visualizing Ancient Reality
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0544-7
How Do We Want the Past to Be? The question is not purely rhetoric: rather, it points out the importance of how archaeologists deal with the interpretation and visualization of the past that they excavate and study. The essays in this book offer a contribution to the current debate on archaeology and the contemporary methodological approaches to the study of ancient Near Eastern architecture.